Savannah Gignac

I am an information management professional living in Washington, DC. I live for chasing curiosity, organizing information, collaboration and enhancing the communities I engage with. I work directly with clients to understand their long-term vision for their content, and then translate this into content type definitions and migration plans. I meld my passion for words with an analytical eye to bring a big picture point of view to content strategy, data management and archival & library sciences.

Managing information on multiple platforms is my forte. Serving as an Archivist and Librarian at federal, public, and non-profit institutions like The Smithsonian, The Harry Ransom Center, and The American Institute of Physics for a collective 5+ years has given me this expertise. In 2012, I graduated with my Masters of Science in Information Studies (MSIS) from the University of Texas – Austin.

Presently, at Agency CHIEF, as Technical Content Strategist, I manage content migration from start to finish for website redesign projects. My work is critical in the organization and migration of new and legacy content: taxonomy systems, metadata, on-page content and database schemas. By re-organizing outdated and unorganized legacy content into new, streamlined content for your new website, I am able to present users (both back- and front-end) a site with easily stored and retrievable information.

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