Using WordPress To Get More Women To Run For Office

This talk will be a case study on a project for VoteRunLead, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on getting more women to run for elected office. The organization, already in existence for several years with many successful in-person training programs and web-based training programs under its belt, needed a solution that would give it more control over its content strategy, the ability to promote its hybrid live/web training model, and the flexibility to quickly respond to constituent needs in the currently quickly-changing political climate. The organization chose WordPress above other political and nonprofit content management system solutions. We will cover why this decision was made, what products we implemented to meet the technological needs of each part of the organization’s strategy, and then we will extract lessons learned that can be applied to other organizations looking to promote civic engagement using the web, and for developers determining with their political and nonprofit clients whether WordPress is the right solution for them.


Author: christiechirinos

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