Screen Readers Galore: Creating Accessible Rich Sites with ARIA

Accessibility is a hot topic right now, but in this talk we are going beyond heading levels and image alternative text and start talking about ARIA. Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) adds numerous attributes to our elements to make them even more accessible to the end user. This becomes very helpful to your applications and websites heavy in AJAX and JavaScript or heavy reliance on visual cues to communicate meaning.

In this talk, we will be:
-Learning what ARIA is
-Learning the most common ARIA attributes and why they are important.
-Testing existing sites on screenreaders to demonstrate what some of these attributes actually do (or what the lack of them don’t do).
-Talking about when ARIA can fix issues on an accessibility report and when you should use another solution

Who should attend:
-Front End Developers
-User Experience Designers with basic HTML knowledge
-Project Managers with accessibility requirements on their projects

With use of ARIA you can get the best of both worlds: enhanced accessibility and user experience for your cooler and nifty sites and applications.