Modern WordPress Theme Development with Sage 9

Sage is an advanced WordPress starter theme that adheres to modern development principles. It is part of a larger WordPress development suite developed by the team out of Toronto.

Currently in beta, Sage 9 comes with a number of bells-and-whistles including Composer for dependency management, Webpack and Yarn for local server builds, Bootstrap 4 for modern styling along with ‘Blade’ PHP templating from the Laravel framework.

So what does it mean to be ‘modern?’ A modern web development stack should adhere to the twelve principles laid out in

These twelve factors create a healthy creative environment for developers by establishing a common set of expectations and patterns. These best practices remove many common bottlenecks development teams face, allowing them to simply code and ship. There can sometimes be a steep learning curve when learning these advanced practices, but it is a rewarding experience that is worth it in the end.

Learn how Sage adheres to Twelve Factor development and become inspired to leverage it and its best practices in your next big project. I experience a lot of joy when developing with Sage; it is my favorite starter theme and it will become yours, too.